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1.   Love, sex, relationships

Review: Cleaning of complex to men /Elena D.:

What have you done to me?))) I have become so kind towards the opposite sex ... I’m surprised! If you remove the complexes in relation to me and to the people and afterward to the world ... well, then maybe I will go to the monastery from excess of emotions)). I like so much the acceleration of energy ... I can’t stop)). I want more and more.

Review: Cleaning of complex to women /Andrew:

It was quite difficult for me to find a good girl. I ordered the cleaning of the complex to women. Interestingly, the day after the cleaning the world was transformed. It turns out there are a lot of nice girls around!))) If earlier one of a couple of dozens was pretty - now it turns out there are a lot of nice girls around! Even those who are not cute - you can still see something mysterious and interesting in them! Thanks!!! :)


Review: Cleaning of complex to family /Gulnaz:

Particularly strongly I observed the changes after the cleaning of the complex "Attitude towards the family," and I saw that family relationships improved and became warmer after getting rid of the complex.


Review: Cleaning of complex to people /Boris:

I ordered the cleaning of the complex of attitude to people

I want to write about my condition

The tension during communication almost completely disappeared, thank you very much


Review: Cleaning of complex to criticize the husband /Lydia:

By the way, in the past order you cleaned the complex to criticize my husband, you did great, thank you. I used to express what I think on this or another issue, but now I will quietly keep silent and do not even enter into polemics. Super! How much energy is saved !!!! Thank you. As soon as I receive and study his map, I think that he also will need to clean this complex.


Review: Cleaning of complex to sex /Nadezhda:

The result pleased me. Sex is now much more fun and I am more emancipated. Did not expect this.

Review: Cleaning of complex of jealousy /Olesya:

Thank you for cleaning the complex of jealousy. At first, it was even difficult to track the result, as I constantly wanted to avoid situations where jealousy could manifest. Then I deliberately went into them, the tension was less, greater brain control. There used to be discomfort in the manipura, if on a scale: before cleaning 9, after - 5-4.

Review: Cleaning of complex of jealousy /Sergei G.:

Jealousy did not give in the first time, but it was removed from the second, according to my estimates, the tension dropped from 5 to 2 units. Tested in a real situation, I was pleased with the result. Before, my reactions would be different. Shyness - also the first time was not quite successful, and the second gave me a qualitatively different state. "Life has become better, life has become more fun." Quality work, thank you!


Review: Cleaning of complex to win over someone /Svetlana:

Hey. So you sent me a report about cleaning the complex to conquer someone, but today I was called in half-hints for a date. Well, how does it work!? We continue to remove the complexes that set the heartbeat with the interests of other people. It is good that you are now testing this group of complexes. Thank you.. )))


Review: Cleaning of complex to parents /Nadezhda:

Hello! I thank you very much, the fact is that I really had a difficult relationship with my parents, my feelings are as follows: it became easier on my heart, like a wound was sewn up, the memories were erased from my head as if ..... but I have many complexes, I will continue to work with you..... I will order a little later, glad that you exist.


Review: Cleaning of complex to communicate /Svetlana:
Hello. Thank you for handling the "does not like to talk" complex. My husband always told me that I talk to him a little. But now I turn to him more often, and more persistently break through my interests. At the level of consciousness there is also an interesting effect. Like multi-colored threads stretched to those people whom I know well - as if contact with them is increasing.

Review: Cleaning of complex of stupor to communicate /Andrew:

Earlier I was rather reserved man, and avoided unnecessary communication. Then I found a stupor systems to communicate - and I decided to clean it. Immediately after the report, like it became easier, but it is not clear. And after a couple of months - I just surprised myself! I was suddenly quite difficult to talk to someone, it is easy to communicate, etc. And moreover, I already do with pleasure and more often and more easily than the people around me. For me, it's just fantastic!

Review: Cleaning of complex to go hard on a man / Marina:

In relation to the man, the state also changed, I want to love him more and more) And not to look, as usual, for what to cling to, what to be offended by or to close from him.


Review: Cleaning of complex to family /Lyudmila:

To be honest, I would strongly send all future newlyweds in the registry office, first to you - to clean the complexes, and then - to marry))))


Review: Cleaning systems for family /Lydia:

Hooray!!!! Hello!!! You have no idea, the daughter herself stopped gnawing at her nails, it’s magical and the daughters began to find a common language, it’s amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for your amazing work!!!!!!


Review: Cleaning complex for people /Alexander:

Good day! Feeling good, thanks! The condition was good, but it gets even better, I notice that I began to react less to the negative actions of the people around me, there was practically no anger at condemning the mistakes of others, there was more joy in life.

Now I want to stay in this state, to observe the changes. Requests will be later. Thank you for your services!! All the best!


Review: Cleaning of complex of waiting for someone to do something for you /Lydia:

My dear husband suddenly took and hung up his things after washing in the closet, on his own and he was not even asked. It was very interesting for me to wait and see how and what to change after cleaning the complex of "waiting for someone to do something for you". If it will be that way, I will clean all the complexes. Thank you for the excellent work!!!!!!!!!! Recommend!!!!!!

Review: Cleaning of complex to brag /Larissa:

Thank you very much. “Gossiping” and “leaking Information” have recently hindered greatly. So nasty stuff. I feel that I can calmly keep some moments in myself.

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