Monad Experience

Experience of the Monad - Using the experience and knowledge of past incarnations.  1, 2, 3 level.

“Experience of the Monad - Using the experience and knowledge of past incarnations."

Hundreds of thousands of past incarnations contains unique experience and knowledge in different situations from different civilizations. 

When the Monad Experience is launched, this experience begins to accumulate in our personality at a subconscious level.

  • This is one of the key technologies of evolution and development
    in highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • This technology increases the rate of evolution and the level of social adaptation by several times;
  • Many prominent people on Earth have had the Monad Experience in the past;
  • These changes remain for hundreds of future incarnations.

FEEDBACK: The Monad Experience / Sergei /: After the Monad Experience with other people, I feel like a high school student who looked into junior classes. The reactions and actions of other people seem very childish to me. As if a very experienced person is watching children.

FEEDBACK: Experience of the Monad / Boris /: Many people now seem empty, as if talking to a doll. It's like they have programmed artificial intelligence in their early stages.

1st level "Monad Experience" - Past Incarnations

The task of the first level is to use the experience and knowledge of hundreds of thousands of our past incarnations.

Behind each person with a high level of development there are millions of years of evolution - hundreds of thousands of incarnations in many civilizations of different worlds.
In each incarnation, a separate Personality is formed - an information bubble at the level of the second body of Vishuddha (chakra at the level from the third cervical vertebra to the chin).

The Personality accumulates and processes the experience and knowledge gained in this incarnation.

Why is experience passed from incarnation to incarnation so rarely - about 0.1% of people? 
Personalities in multidimensional space are like grapes in a bunch, and each one radiates skills and knowledge in the form of a kind of "Mental Light". This Light of Mental is felt when we speak at close range with a strong and intelligent person.

So, the Light is emitted, but due to the numerous mental injuries of the Yin type (mental - the body starting with Anahata, the Yin type - in which the energy moves to the source of the injury). Energy flows through hundreds of small and large "streams", and a person receives information only from his own life situations.

But if a miracle happens and the signal passes, such a person has unique abilities (Wisdom). This allows a person to solve life situations more successfully and develop more intensively. This triggers the acceleration of evolution, because each new solved problem is deposited in the skill of each personality of the entire bunch. The period of full manifestation of the results, perhaps, can be estimated at 15-20 years after initiation.

According to our experience, the first significant results already come within a year.

TESTIMONIAL:  When I was given this service, there was a feeling that I know everything. Any new  information is perceived as something that I knew, but just forgot a little. If  I read something or learn something new, then there is no feeling that it is very difficult and completely  incomprehensible. It became especially interesting to travel. Even in the most exotic countries it seemed  there was absolutely no culture shock or addictive moment.
There is somehow a minus in this, there are no those emotions, the feeling of something new. And even somehow  the motivation or some standard desires disappeared. The worldview has somehow  changed. In general, I am satisfied with the result, thoughts appeared much deeper and  tasks that are more interesting to solve.

In an ordinary person, due to mental trauma, this signal is almost completely blocked (0% of the signal level).

But most successful people in business, politics, sports, art have an active signal of past incarnations - they have activated the Monad Experience:

  • Billionaires - 65% have open Monad Experience
  • Professors and academicians of Academicians of Sciences - 60% have an open Monad Experience.
  • Independent politicians - 50% have Monad Experience
  • Among prominent cultural figures - 40% have the Experience of the Monad

In one cycle of clearing Monad Experience level 1, it is possible to add:

  • Body Consciousness -5%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 5%,
  • Superconsciousness - 5%.

This corresponds to about 5% of the information accumulated in past incarnations.

This creates a powerful flow of information from the subconscious.

You can speed up the processing of information by meditating on energy sources - the Sun, nuclear reactions, or by installing special programs for pumping energy levels 1, 3.

Cost: Experience of the Monad 1 level (1 cycle): 400 USD 

When ordering the full first level (7 cycles) - 40% discount.

Level 2 "Monad Experience" - Parallel Realities

The task is to use the skills and knowledge from the Tree of Worlds - personalities in parallel realities.

The world exists as a Tree of Realities, and each branch differs from the others in the course of events, the speed of time, and the density of energy. Each branch gives in time new branches and new shoots of realities. And any person exists in a huge variety of worlds. The Level 2 Monad Experience clears the exchange of information between the branches of reality. 

The value of the Monad Experience, of course, on the one hand, is the exchange of information between incarnations.  But the key value is an evolutionary leap. Each of your personality, which is in the fan of realities, begins to develop rapidly. This is especially true for Level 2 Monad Experience. 

Information from hundreds of thousands of incarnations in different worlds begins to flock to ours. This increases our experience (Wisdom) and speeds up the process of evolution.  
The same thing happens with our other personalities involved in the exchange process. The evolution of the entire fan of incarnations is accelerating.

Cost: Experience of the Monad, level 2 - $ 800. 
When ordering a complete second level (7 cycles) - 30% discount.

Passage of the full second level of 7 cycles -
gives 35% passage of signals from parallel realities.



After the second level of the Monad Experience, a strange sense of volume arose. After the first level, sometimes there was a feeling that you knew the person before. And people reacted to me in the same way - as if they were trying to remember something and somehow recognize me. After the second level, there was a feeling that I know some people, but not in the past, but somewhere else. One person even told me that it was as if you and I were friends in another world. there is a strange feeling that it is difficult for me to do something.

3rd level "Monad Experience" - Divine level, Avatars

It is negotiated individually, subject to the order of the two previous full levels and is associated with the presence of AVATAR - parallel realities, where we reach the Divine level of development, which, due to the huge number of realities, is not so rare.

When ordering a complete second level (7 cycles) - 40% discount.

Passing the full second level of 7 cycles - 
gives 35% passage of signals from the Divine level, where the Avatar exists.

Question: Please tell us more about the Monad Experience, level 3. What, why, why?


Monad experience, level 3 - clears the connection with personal allies - Avatars (Ascended incarnations).
Avatars don't necessarily travel in the same direction. They most often represent a combination of some qualities.
Avatars are scattered across parallel realities and the connection with them can be up to 1%: the signal reaches, but weakly. In most cases, the signal does not reach at all. 
The signal from Avatars, like the Experience of the Monad, level 1 has a powerful developmental effect.
Even if there is 1 Avatar, it makes sense to clean up with it - this will activate development. And if a lot - even more so. There are already a lot of 10 Avatars.

Previously, the question was how to effectively introduce a large amount of information into the human mind. Now it is possible. The new development allows not only to quickly introduce additional information into the human consciousness, but also to enhance the processing of this information by high-frequency bodies, which speeds up the process of embedding and understanding the recorded information several times.

Extra Level of Monad Experience - Local Zones

Work on the Monad Experience service currently consists of three stages:

  1. Preparatory stage - (1-2 weeks), when part of the information from past incarnations is copied to the current personality. This allows you to reduce the load after starting the Monad Experience process;
  2. Stage - mental traumas that prevent the passage of a wave of information between individuals are removed (1-2 days);
  3. Stage - we help the individual to process the information that has come down from the personalities of past incarnations (process control with additional processing goes on for another 2-3 weeks).

How can you check:

Before the process, you can pay attention to your body of personality (chakra at the level of "the second from the top cervical vertebra - lower lip"). This body increases several times.

At the end of the process, you can compare the size and volume of this body in comparison with what you had before and with the people around you.

At the 3rd level of Experience of the Monad, the consciousness expands, and you immediately feel the entire vector of incarnations. In parallel incarnations, you could be engaged in completely different professions, hobbies. Maybe another magical, healing experience.
The larger the fan of incarnations you capture, the more complex and unusual experience can be there. The experience can be of completely different civilizations,
humanoid and humanoid.

NOTE: When the technologies of Initiations through Death are made, the Experience of the Monad - in order for those around them to feel better, it is recommended to avoid physical contact, not to hug for several days, sleep separately, four days. In order not to injure them, since these technologies generate high energy outflows.

NOTE: The evolutionary process in the Universe is associated with the emission, the formation of new Monads of Personalities (Divine Spark) and their gradual development. The emergence of new Monads occurs in waves. There are more Ancient Souls, which originated during the first waves of the birth of the Monads, and younger souls, who were born later.

Older Souls usually have a higher and more complex subconscious potential than younger Souls. However, this potential can be practically undeveloped in some if it is blocked by various traumas of the mental bodies.

The experience of the Monad increases the social activity of a person and the speed of effective solution of situations, skills and knowledge that were not there before begin to appear. The changes become noticeable within a few weeks, the complete assimilation and processing of information takes about 15 years, and can be accelerated with the help of special meditations on energy sources or the installation of special energy pumping programs will help.


For example, the level of Monad Experience in famous personalities:

Bill Gates:

  • Body consciousness (the first body of Vishuddhi) - the signal passes by 15%, 
  • Personality Consciousness (the second body of Vishuddhi) - the signal passes by 20%, 
  • Superconsciousness (Ajna's body) - the signal from past incarnations passes by 30%.

Winston Churchill:

  • Body Consciousness - 10%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 15%,
  • Superconsciousness - 7%.

Mark Zuckenberg:

  • Body Consciousness -  6%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 12%,
  • Superconsciousness - 6%.


  • Body Consciousness - 18%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 23%,
  • Superconsciousness - 30%.

John Lennon:

  • Body Consciousness - 2%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 1%,
  • Superconsciousness - 3%.

Johnny Depp:

  • Body Consciousness - 1%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 1%,
  • Superconsciousness - 2%.

Aleister Crowley:

  • Body Consciousness - 15%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 9%,
  • Superconsciousness - 5%.

Martin Luther King:

  • Body Consciousness - 10%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 15%,
  • Superconsciousness - 15%.

Karmapa 16:

  • Body Consciousness - 20%,
  • Personality Consciousness - 25%,
  • Superconsciousness - 25%.

The manifested politicians also have a pronounced signal on the aspect of the United Experience of the Monad: For example,

  • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon   has a signal level of 2-3%. 
  • However, Yulia Tymoshenko also shows a 2-3% signal of the Monad Experience.

For example, if you take a cut of the Academy of Sciences:

  • practically all Academics have an input signal of about 2-3% of Monad Experience;
  • almost all Corresponding Members have, respectively, a signal of 1-2% Monad Experience.

On the level of the Forbes billionaires who made their own capital:

  • 80% have open Monad Experience
  • In the first hundred billionaires on average, the Monad Experience is 20% open.

Review: Experience of Monad / Dasha, 27 years

After this program, I feel that I have completely changed, I began
to look at the world differently, a certain awareness has appeared. My actions became clear and
deliberate. It's hard to knock me off my particular angle. I don't pay
attention to the little things.
Interested in new ideas and developments globally.
I look at people differently, most of them seem primitive to me. For now,
that's all, I'll watch further ...

Review: Monad Experience

But I want to note that changes in self-awareness began to appear only 8 months after the launch of this service. But, however, I must say that these are really qualitative changes that cannot be compared with the learned course, completed training or a new position in a new job. It's a broader, more voluminous sense of self.

Testimonial: Accelerated Development Services / Sergey K., programmer

I did not notice a clear difference before and after ordering. 
I strongly noticed something that heavily loads - the Experience of the Monad, some Initiations.

I note some indirect indicators, such as: some people began to be afraid of me - without explanation, they began to relate more easily to some life situations - I think the experience of the monad helps to see a broader context. In general, thinking has become easier and even pleasant, as in childhood.
I have become more decisive and easier to climb - we must then take and do it.
Awareness and self-observation increased - like I did not notice conflicting desires and actions before.

The short summary is that I haven't caught a single service in direct vision. But the changes in general are still pleasing to me.

Review: Experience of the Monad / Alena T.

Hey. I would like to share my impressions of the services provided.
I was very impressed by the "Experience of the Monad". There is, of course, an unusual feeling that you know
much more than others, as if you are an adult, and you are surrounded by children. On the one
hand, it is interesting, on the other, it is sometimes very annoying, how they do not understand the
obvious .. I keep myself in control)))))

Review: Experience of the Monad / Anton

I did the Monad Experience more than half a year ago. The first couple of months the sinker was so difficult that it was difficult to work with the head. Sometimes during negotiations with clients, I just smiled and said something from the series "as I understand you", and could not really do anything else))) 
Then gradually "let go".
Am I happy with the result? It is hard to say. This is not like buying a thing or going to a concert. And being satisfied and dissatisfied is not the right wording. The value system started to change a little, it's like a teenager growing up into an adult. Only I was already quite old. I tried to formulate those changes that I was able to track, and which (probably difficult to say), in my opinion, occurred precisely because of OM:
Relationships with people have changed - I began to lose myself less in emotional situations. I stayed inside these situations, but if earlier contradictory feelings began to tear me apart and I ceased to feel unity with myself, as if some neuroses, fears and automatisms were taking possession of me, now I experience different feelings and at the same time I am more often / stay with "sober head" and in a state of inner peace, calmness and confidence.
It became easier for me to accept people as they are, much easier, to remain sincerely benevolent and attentive to them, regardless of their personal characteristics.
At the moment of dispute / disagreement, it became easier for me to express and formulate my point of view and not react emotionally to the words of the interlocutor.
Business / Company began to be seen more not as functions in positions, a set of officials, but as simply people with their feelings and thoughts. Previously, I thought about employees as something more flat, perceiving their feelings, motivation and behavior as something "two-dimensional", now I often see them "in volume". I don’t know how to explain it more precisely.
It became easier to do exactly what I do and to do with dedication. I began to pay attention to the fact that if you sit and rest, then you can sit and rest with your whole body, every cell and soul; if you are writing a document, then you can write a document and not do anything else at that time, neither with your thoughts nor feelings, but completely devote yourself to what you are doing. And really, why live half, half-heartedly? If you eat, then you are eating at this time, not eating, you think, communicate, worry, remember, regret, rush, try to relax and watch TV at the same time. Began to succeed just to eat, if you know what I mean.
To achieve, to achieve, to be able to, to become “successful” has become not so important, and this makes it easier to be “successful”, gradually letting go of the worries and fears “I can’t”, “I won’t succeed,” because the significance of this is leaving. The significance of living the day and every minute comes. This is still very far away, but the path is already visible, it has already become a road, and then before it was like a fog in my head. Now there are glimpses, moments of clarity.

I can sound this effect.

TESTIMONIAL: 2nd level of Experience of the Monad / Sergey /:

After the second level of the Monad Experience, a strange sense of volume arose. After the first level, sometimes there was a feeling that you knew the person before. And people reacted to me in the same way - as if they were trying to remember something and somehow recognize me. After the second level, there was a feeling that I know some people, but not in the past, but somewhere else. One person even told me that it was as if you and I were friends in another world. there is a strange feeling that it is difficult to surprise me with something.

Feedback: Experience of the Monad, level 3 / M.

In the first time after this technology, an energetic high-frequency background arose. Similar to energy noise and rustling. This lasted three months. Gradually it subsided and there was a feeling that you are in a certain hierarchical pyramid. That there is someone above you who is looking at you. There was a feeling of attention.
Looking at the past two years, this has seen a significant boost. I felt a leap in the directions in which I am engaged.

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