Is the research institute,
studying artifacts and heritage of ancient civilizations.

The institute is based in Kiev, Ukraine.
And is covering the best scientific researches in the field of
forcing mind potential, healing, parapsychology, telepathy etc
conducted both in modern Western European and Russion states.

We are looking forward to contact to
1. Students, interested in  opening their extra skills and potentials,  

interested in such disciplines as parapsychology, healing, social work.
Our academic programs provide in-depth, very detailed education in these spheres.

2. Specialists, that are interested in get assistance to increase their personal skills and upgrade their mind.

Our research laboratories is continuously developing
hi-end, world-exclusive products, that are extremely valuable and unique such sphere as

- health assistance (feel better)
- mind upgrade (think quicklier and smarter)
- love assistance (be more popular and attractive to others)
- psychology support (to get rid of stresses and complexes and to feel happy)   
- business support

3. Non-government organizations, media, research societies,
interested in the sphere of heritage /artifacts of ancient civilizations
and new mind and energy technologies and researches!

Please feel free to contact us any time
via email: info

We would be glad to answer your questions.

PS. We just started the process of translation
the materials of our Center into English language.
Sorry for some mistakes and inconvenience in our publications.

New information, articles and products will appear soon atour web site!

Thank you again for your interest!


World Heritage Institute