Free Video Lessons. The Heritage of Atlantida. 

#1. The Principles of Development.

#2. Ancient Civilizations on the planet Earth


#3. The End of Atlantic Civilization


#4. The end of Atlantic Civilization. 2


#5. The Lemurian Civilization


#6. Features of Lemurian Civilization 


#7. The Lemurian Civilization. Questions and Answers


#7. Educational System of Developed Civilizations

8. Mental Programs of Developed Civilizations
9. Atlantic Mobilizational Mental Programs 


2.1  Is the Earth controlled by any highly developed civilizations
2.2. Why is there no widespread information of contacts with aliens
2.3. What is the technical level of Star civilizations
2.4. What is mental magic tecchnologies in ancient civilizations
2.5. Causes of Destruction of Pwerful Ancient Civilizations.
2.6. The Birth of the Soul

2.7.  Dragons and non-humanoid incarnations and civilizations

All videos are taken from the research
of World  Heritage Institute:
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