3. Communications Stress Release

1.   The desire to argue, fight, push.

Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to argue /Svetlana:

Hello. I want to write a small review on the complex "desire to argue." So, there appeared a deeper acceptance of life itself, of some current processes, without resistance. It became clear what kind of stress this complex gave only after it was removed. The cleaning itself was very hard, I thought Anahata would break, then another cleaning up for several days. But such complex stresses should definitely be removed.

I think Anahata takes on such a load because the bottom connection is weak. In general, there are still a lot of things ...

Now I am ok. Of the effects - well, perhaps, some ease of communication appeared. Thanks to the Master for the work. Processed some very significant piece of psyche ...))


Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to argue /Nadezhda:

Hello. Many thanks to your team for the work done. That's cool!

After cleaning the complex of the desire to argue, I can say the following: the complex of the desire to argue is gone immediately. The feeling is as if you understand what you are getting involved in and do not allow it. You make a conscious choice in favor of common sense.

Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to push /George:

Greetings, the effect began to be felt immediately, if before the pressure of others rested on something in me, now there is no such thing. The pressure of others seems to fail. My desire to push as a response to pressure began to be felt keenly. In general, life has become much easier)
Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to push /Nadezhda:

Thank you for cleaning the complex of desire to push! I realized that I am not emotionally involved when I voice my position. It is very cool!

At first there was a state of some kind of "breaking up" or something. It’s like: how you didn’t do that in that situation! One night I didn’t sleep at all, I was spinning it all in my head and even scolding myself that I should have pushed or flared up.

The reverse complex of resistance began to be felt. I will urgently clean it. Thanks to your team!

Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to push and resistance to pressure /Sergei:

Cleaning was a great success) Previously, you diagnosed a signal of 3 units. Now I think a maximum of 1. After cleaning the complexes of the desire to push and resistance to pressure, there are much less conflicts, it became easier to treat some situations. I feel that the energy that used to go to fight with the outside world, now comes to me and is headed in the right direction.

Thanks you)

Review: Cleaning of complex of resistance to pressure / Svetlana
Regarding the cleaning of the complex "Resistance to pressure" / " Desire to push” I can’t say a lot, but what about both complexes - it feels like some tension has gone. I think that the effect will continue to grow for a while. Probably, this also has a beneficial effect on the energy sector, since, unequivocally, some forces are spent on maintaining and processing the complex.

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