Luck Programs

Luck programs

NEW. We started testing and rebuilding a new cycle of luck-related programs.

Like everything in the esoteric world, it is difficult to translate into human language, but we will try to briefly describe.

What is luck? A person believes that he is lucky when the situation is going well. Moreover, this is not always the realization of all his desires, because some desires lead to negative consequences.

Luck is a happy coincidence. And only after a while we can determine that everything turned out well in the end.
In the process, we may not think so.
For example, we didn’t get on the bus, we didn’t meet with some person, and therefore we didn’t get to the company. We can assume that this is bad luck. But the realization of this chain of goals could lead to the destruction of health and finances.

We cannot always assess correctly what is luck and what is bad luck. But there are ancient programs that drive luck and ancient combat systems that drive bad luck.

Stupidity is bad luck. We have previously tested the Initiations of bad luck in the Karma Map and the Habit Map.
But now we can test the restoration of the ancient programs that set luck.

We find ourselves in a city that has its own parameters of luck / bad luck, we are in the house, we communicate with people who have their own parameters of luck / bad luck.

Luck happens on several levels:
- short-term (calculated for a day), adds the quality of luck to these processes
- medium-term, calculated for a month
- long-term, calculated for several years.

Programs are constantly generating luck. These systems will counter the bad luck you have, and the end result is a mixture of improved situations.
We test the presence of these programs in your magical personality card.

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