High level specialist lesson- Master's imprint

Master's Imprint: Level 4 Specialist Lesson

Where changing the direction of the evolutionary path is concerned, the Mark of the Master is in the first place in the ranking of technologies. THE IMPRINT OF THE GREAT MASTER With prolonged communication, training, there is an imprint of the Master, his qualities on the student. In each area of ​​knowledge there are such personalities.


With long-term communication, training, there is an imprint of the Master, his qualities on the student.
In each area of ​​knowledge there are such individuals who make an impression the minimum number. These are Great Masters in some areas.

For example, in our reality strip there is only one manager.
Most high-level managers have quality prints from him or impressions from his students.

Financiers. Managers. Businessmen.

For example, there is only one manager in our reality strip.
Most high-level managers have quality prints from him or impressions from his students.
There are a couple of financiers in this Reality Line.
And there are five of them in Reality Lines.

For example,  Warren Buffett has impressions of 4 Grand Masters:
1 Imprint of the Great Manager and 3 Imprints of the Great Financiers.
Soros has 4 Imprints, from 4 Financiers.

IT technology.
There is also a specialist in IT technologies, though not in our reality. Bill Gates, Sergey Brin have prints of this specialist . Bill Gates has 3 prints 
: Manager, Financier, IT technologies.

For example, in this reality there are no imprints of the Great Builders. And in other realities there is.

Magic. Healing.
Cagliostro has 1 imprint of the Great Teacher in Magic (from our reality). 

- How many Great Teachers in Magic were in our reality?
- A little. It is better to consider the Fan. There were 2 Great Magicians in our reality. As Masters from whom an impression can be obtained.
Once again, we clarify that there were hundreds of great magicians, healers, managers in the history of mankind. but those who can give the Imprint - there were only a few Great Teachers. We do not disclose their names.

Service. Imprint of the Master-Teacher.

Such an Imprint of the Master can be made. This will be a Level 4 Specialist Lesson. 
Cost: 2000USD.

QUESTION: How many of these impressions can you make, how many cycles from one Master?
ANSWER: The impression is made from one Master once.
You can make a limited number of Impressions from different Artists per year.


QUESTION: How did Bill Gates get this imprint? 
ANSWER: Certain groups of mental bodies are common to the entire fan. Receiving it in some realities, they are reflected for our level as well. 
We are simply describing this process. This is interesting enough.

QUESTION: If there is an imprint, does it mean that they studied with leading experts?
ANSWER: At least we talked for a long time. 
Most likely, professional communication was supposed to be with such Masters. 

QUESTION: What exactly does the Imprint give? Mental - then what is the difference from a specialist lesson?

ANSWER: The lesson of specialists is getting information.
And the Mental imprint is the Imprint of the Master. This is a learning process. Often it happens even without the moment of formation. You can be with the Master and he will not say anything, but we will receive some understanding and knowledge. An imprint of his personality.

QUESTION: Who deals with motivation - is motivation transmitted?
ANSWER: There will probably be some elements of motivation in this. Motivation can also be enhanced through the clearing of complexes and the installation of Initiations.

QUESTION: Are you recording for the current incarnation?
ANSWER: The informational imprint affects many incarnations. And the record affects subsequent incarnations.

By changing the direction of the evolutionary path, the Mark of the Master is in the first place in the ranking of technologies.  This is the main force that changes the direction of the evolution of the Monad in general! This turns the path of evolution radically.

Main directions

QUESTION: In what areas is a Master Print possible? Is there any list possible?))
ANSWER: The list of directions in the Magic Personality Card reflects the main directions of specialization.
Among the main areas of specialization of the Great Teacher-Masters
  • Magic
  • Healing
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Engineering (information technology)
  • Technique (mechanisms)
  • Warfare
  • Construction
  • Growing food
  • Cooks
  • Pedagogy
  • Study / as a principle /
  • Politics
  • Science: mathematics
  • Science: linguistics
  • Science: sociology (social management)
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Visual arts
  • Sculpture
  • Vocals / singing


You can make an imprint of the Great Magicians in the following directions of magic:

  • Runes
  • Shamans
  • Life Magic
  • Death Magic
  • Mystics, Spirits - work with spirits
  • Elemental Magic
  • Kabbalists
  • Development Magic
  • Combat Magic
  • Defense Magic
  • Magic Artifacts
  • Magic of Power and Control

You can make an imprint of the Great Magicians in the following directions of healing:

  • Military medicine
  • Restoration of Subtle Bodies - Integrity
  • Viruses Bacteria
  • Subtle parasites
  • Treatment of other living organisms

- And what about psychology?
- Psychology is most often a subsection of other areas, such as healing. Psychology is found as knowledge and skills, a small tool in almost all areas.

- Where does leadership belong?
- This is more related to issues of management, organization of processes.

- What about martial arts?
- This is a subsection of military affairs.

- Is there a Master in Marketing and PR?
- There are global directions.
There is marketing and PR in both Business and Management.

- Sphere of negotiations?
- This area is not singled out separately. Most of all present in management and business.

- Is there a Master-Teacher in the sphere of Spiritual Development and Evolution of Consciousness?
In the field of Love and Family Relations / Sex? In the field of Energy practices (Qi-Gong / Reiki / etc.)? 
- In these directions, we do not see mental impressions. Better to choose big, big destinations.

NOTE: Specialist's impression.
An imprint of a specialist is usually done in very large areas (there are only a few dozen of them).
But in some directions, where the image of the Master for the print has still formed, it is possible to make an Print from a group of Masters in this direction.

For example, it may be relevant in the directions
- Drawing
- Music
- Martial arts, etc.

QUESTION: There is a question about the Master's Imprint. What is the best way to do it?

In the sense of combining with something. For example, I want to start with 3 pieces at the same time is it somehow harmful?

ANSWER: In our experience, setting multiple Master Imprints at the same time does not interfere with each other. Energy costs are negligible.

But the Imprint may for some time be perceived as an additional load on the energy structure (a month or two), since it is a kind of stamp-imprint on the energy structure.

If this causes discomfort, you can tell us - we will try to help the energy structure cope.


Together with the Imprint of the Master, we are now additionally installing a Dedicated Channel for this specialty.

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