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This service is a search for specialists in the subtle planes who have rich experience and knowledge in the area of ​​your interests and engaging them in your subtle bodies in order to receive valuable information from them.  

archangel_metatronThis work connects a high-level ally to you.

In the subtle planes, beings appear who are interested in you engaging in a specific type of activity and improving in it.

Each person is the sum of the personal experience accumulated in past incarnations.

You can copy the knowledge and experience of a specialist you need onto a person.

What is the end result? A person receives experience, knowledge that this person possessed.

Each person has a lot of experience, but the most manifested (in which a person is a specialist) is copied well. Over time, this experience and knowledge begins to manifest.

When copying, the adhesion of thin bodies with this specialist is left. This energy exchange continues after copying. Thus, the aspirations of the specialist are transferred to you (for example, to play sports, etc.).

The general development of this experience takes a long time. In the traditional version, the time to assimilate information can take 20 years. Thanks to new technologies for processing information of our specialists, the time for mastering experience is reduced to 3-5 years.

The Mentor program includes:

  1. Copying the experience and knowledge of specialists in the areas of interest to you;
  2. Activation of aspirations to engage in an area of ​​interest to you;
  3. The impulse for the development of consciousness (you get a large portion of information at once);
  4. A personality connects to you that helps you solve situations.
    Since there is gained experience in this area, the situation is solved easier and faster. 

The Mentor program comes in three levels.

Mentor Level 1

The service includes:

  1. Selection of a specialist in your area of ​​interest and connection of a mentor to you. ...

For example, you want to exercise but you can't bring yourself to do it. We are looking for professionals who are engaged in a healthy lifestyle and connect to you.

You can choose a mentor in the direction of interest: healers, magicians, teachers, politicians, managers, businessmen, financiers, artists, poets, magicians of the Arcana (from 1-22), magicians of the elements (water, earth, fire, air, life, death), priests various cults, specialists in fortune-telling, runic and Sephirothic magicians and in other areas of interest to you.

Who will benefit from it:

  • This is useful if a person is engaged in magic, but lacks experience and knowledge of magic.
  • This is useful for those who want to exercise, but lacks willpower.
  • This may be relevant for those who want to learn how to cook, photograph, gain professional skills and experience in the specialty that interests you.
  • This will reduce errors in what you do.

 Mentors are usually divided into several levels:

  1. Instructors of the First level - Magic level 4.1 according to (17 lasso - according to Sephir Tiphereth);
  2. Mentors of the Second level - Mages of level 4.2-4.3 (Sefirat Tifiret - 9 lasso);

Mentors are professionals who are interested in your development and try to help you.

They either like to do the right thing and do not care through whom to stimulate the process, or they personally have sympathy for you. Over millions of years of evolution, such can also be found.

Question: I would like to connect the Mentor in magic, healing and divination! Can I?


Mentors are selected primarily by those who specialize in the desired topic. It is possible to find specialists who specialize in these three areas, but the concentration of knowledge in each of the areas will decrease.

Usually a group of people is selected for Mentors who specialize in this particular area. If we cover three topics, about 20% of the degree of concentration and motivation in each area will remain in each area.

For example,
- Can you find outstanding hairdressers?

- Can.

- Is it possible for him to be still a football player?

- Yes. But there will be less of them.

- And if the task is to make him a photographer?

- And you can. But then, most likely, they will not be very good as hairdressers, and even more so as football players and photographers.

At the first level, we selected outstanding specialists for the first task. 
At the second level, the artisans will remain, and at the third level, amateurs in these three areas will already.

Question: Will knowledge come immediately or after a certain period of time? I received an answer to my question in the catalog. The only thing is, I can't wait 3-5 years, is it possible to speed up the result? For example by pumping energy? 


Knowledge begins to come immediately, but the level of awareness begins to come after a fairly long time, when this information will be processed (in a few years). 
If a person is pumped with energy - pumps this experience and knowledge that comes - the information is absorbed faster. You can pump it through meditations on energy sources and through the Swap Programs. 

If you work with this, you can speed up the process of embedding information twice.

Question: And who exactly to connect? 


Super specialists in their fields are usually not known to the general public. We select Mentors from among the best specialists of the past. You can choose a specialist yourself, but then you will be responsible for the quantity and quality of knowledge. We select specialists so that there are no side effects, negative qualities, etc. - optimal for your request.

QUESTION: Mentors who develop at a higher level faster, or do all levels work in one mode?
ANSWER: The higher the level of the mentor, the higher his spiritual development - the more information is accumulated.
Higher level mentors have a lot of knowledge, experience, great potential for impact on a person.

QUESTION: Does the Mentor pass from incarnation to incarnation?
Together with his motivations and experience, do complexes and karmic aspects transfer to us?

ANSWER: Mentors are connected in such a way that they will pass into the next incarnation, but it is not clear whether they will hold out for more than 200-300 years.
Their complexes and karmic aspects affect, of course, but no more than the complexes and karmic aspects of our boyfriend or girlfriend affect us.

Cost: Service "Mentor, 1 level" - 70 USD, 

Cost: Service "Mentor, level 2" - 500 USD.

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