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Learning languages: Service package.  Features of polyglots.

Learning languages

QUESTION: What can help you to learn languages?

ANSWER: In order to speed up the learning of languages, you can

1) Use Mandalas by languages
2) You can make a record A lesson of specialists - a record of a language.
3) You can connect a Mentor - a person who knows this language well.
4) You can make an improvement in Memory (clearing memory zones). 
And you can also clean the complexes. related to the study and with this particular language (Map of Habits)
and improve attunement with the egregor of the language.

QUESTION: For learning a foreign language - which will be more effective?
A mentor service in learning English, inclusion in an egregor, or a specialist lesson?

ANSWER: In terms of efficiency, we recommend:

1. Start with complexes for the study of foreign languages.
Often they just get in the way of moving on to language learning issues.
Complexes for learning languages ​​are tested in the Habit Map .

2. The lesson of specialists, the Mentor, Initiation into the egregor -
have approximately the same effectiveness.
It is a download of information to make language learning easier.

3. To increase the motivation to learn languages,
you can set the Dedication of Polyglots (desire to learn languages),
Dedication of Artemis (desire to learn English).

You can also use Mandalas in English
(they provide downloads of information and stimulate language learning).
From reviews on wearing mandalas: while we are wearing, interest is activated, when we are taking off, interest falls.
Initiations work constantly.

Here you can order: Package - Help for learning foreign languages .

Features of polyglots.Study of

What properties of consciousness and energy distinguish polyglots Dmitry Petrov and V. Kurinsky?

Answer: Let's try to figure it out.

Kurinsky knew several dozen languages.
He developed his own self-education system and developed a gigantic vocabulary.

  • 1. If you look, in many lifetimes Kurinsky was fond of languages.
    He has an open experience of past incarnations ( Experience of the Monad ).
    Somewhere on the order of 20% in terms of the Consciousness of the body, the Consciousness of the personality and the Superconsciousness.

These are very high rates. The Open Experience of the Monad gives the current personality access to knowledge and experience
accumulated over past incarnations during evolution.
He has a fairly developed consciousness.

  • 2. Further, he has Channeling Initiations that give him a passion for languages:
    Athena's Initiation - a lover of the English language;
    Dedication to Artemis - has a motivation for languages.
  • 3. In addition to egregory motivation, Kurinsky has his own personal, own motivation to learn languages ​​at the level of obsession.
    During evolution, humans accumulate strong positive and negative stresses.
    And so he once earned a powerful positive stress that sets the motivation for languages.

Second polyglot, Petrov.

  • 1. He also has the Initiation of Artemis (motivation for languages).
  • 2. Plus his own high motivation to learn languages, he really likes it.
  • 3. In past lives, he was also fond of languages, tried to study as much as possible. But the Experience of the Monad is not manifested.
  • 4. He has ancient language programs according to the level of consciousness. He is a professional linguist.

How do they do it?

There should be normal motivation
and normal memory.

  • You can work with the memory zone.
  • Often they have some kind of linguistic programs, either Atlantic or Extraterrestrial, 
    but these programs are still difficult to repair.

When we are faced with the task of accelerating the acquisition of languages, we usually use 3 technologies:

  • Enhancing professional skills
  • Setting the Devotions motivating the study of languages
  • Mandalas

1.  Within the framework of the technology of Activating professional skills (learning foreign languages),
we try to copy the mental structure of languages ​​and the mental structure of language proficiency in consciousness for each recording cycle.
At the level 1-2-3 of Vishuddha's body, an informational mesh structure is formed, associated with language proficiency.
According to reviews, people usually say that it helps, it becomes easier to learn languages. 

2. If you establish Motivational Devotions , there is a desire to study languages .
But for all motivational initiations it becomes noticeable when the second year passes.
Then if you look around, you see that you began to study more.
Motivational Initiations have an extended promotion process.

3. To learn languages, in addition to the technology Activation of professional skills, 
we also actively use Mandalas .

- English - native speakers (the mandala radiates the mentality of the egregor of the English language)
- English - the egregors of cities (the mandala highlights the egregors of cities in the aspect of the English language).
Such mandalas have already been created for most of the most common languages.

When we take a mandala, the mentality of a foreign language is gradually copied 
and the mandala stimulates the desire to study languages.

QUESTION: Hello, which technology is better suited to accelerate the acquisition of a foreign language: the dynamics of the light of consciousness or the plane of thinking?

ANSWER: Learning a language is one of the most difficult subjects. At school, in terms of the amount of information, learning one language is more than all other subjects combined. Even if it is a native language, a child for many hours every day communicating with his parents develops a good language by the age of 10. And he learns to read and write normally by the age of 12, in full immersion in the language structure.

Therefore, no technology will significantly facilitate language learning.

What we have - we can correct motivation - remove complexes of negative attitudes towards languages, add motivation with the Initiation of polyglots and add mentality with the Initiation of the English language, but this can save one year out of 10. That will be almost imperceptible for the student.


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