Odin's Initiation

Dedication to Odin

Dedication to Odin, Richard Wagner and the Runic Channels.

Dedication to Odin. 

In the Runic Initiation - we make attunement to magical egregors associated with runic magic.

The Initiation of Odin is one of the main Initiations, which conducts the power of the Runic egregor through itself.

The flow is based on the URUZ rune, which carries the power of the Runes, FEHU - the consciousness of the runes and the SOUL rune - attunement to energy sources, the energy of the Sun.

The Egregor of Odin does not carry a large mentality for runic magic, but it carries a tuning for the Runes Channel itself, i.e. on the Power of the Runes.

Runes Channel. Dedication to Richard Wagner.

QUESTION: Please tell us about the magical inclusions of the composer Richard Wagner, is it true that his music carries a tuning to the runes?


Richard Wagner has an Initiation into the Cult of Odin, which carries attunement to the Runic Channel. Accordingly, his music is also attuned to the Runes Channel.

Also Wagner has

  • Consecration of the Druids,

  • Dedication to Freyer,

  • Dedications of the Egyptian cycle. He underwent Initiation through Death in Egypt.

Dedicated channel in Odin's dedication.

QUESTION: About Odin's initiation - is there motivation in the egregor, dedicated channels?


The dedicated channel in the Initiation of Odin is the activation of the Outer Runic Channel, which is fundamental to the magic of the runes.

This is a unique phenomenon. The dedicated Channel as a tuning channel for the Outer Runic Channel (the channel of the Primordial Runes) is still present in the egregor of Runic Magic 3 Waves - egregor, which was still 50,000 years ago.

In modern magical culture, a pure Runic Channel is rarely manifested. For example, it is present in the Yggdrasil Reiki system.

In Odin's Channel (thanks to the Primordial Runes Channel) there is a motivation to practice runes. In addition, the Channel has a certain model of admiration for the creators of the runes.

QUESTION: The sun - does not give a woman a shift towards masculine energies? how is this dedication manifested?


The Sun does not give a shift towards masculine energies, otherwise, when women appear on the Sun, a shift towards male hormones would begin.

The sun, on the contrary, synchronizes and harmonizes the work of the body, regardless of whether female or male.

Is that in the equatorial, those who are constantly in the sun, the effect on the female hormonal sphere does not exceed 10%.

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