Tibetan Medicine Buddha Initiation

Tibetan initiation. Egregor Buddha-Medicine-Bhaishajyaguru

The channel mainly contains information about Tibetan schools of healing, schools of medicine.

In the Egregor of Tibetan Medicine there is information:

  • The use of herbs and minerals;
  • There is a lot of information on the knowledge of subtle bodies;
  • Using influences on energy meridians;
  • Involvement of beings in subtle planes;
  • Working with mantras and prayers.

Egregor covers technologies mainly of Tibetan medicine, but a little bit contains information from different systems. This egregor has been formed over the past several thousand years.

Energy is built on the principles of the 15th Major Arcana of the Tree of Sephiroth (15 BA).

The channel contains energy:

  • 17 BA (Vitality);
  • 15 BA (Energy of interconnections);
  • 5 Arcanum (Spiritual influence) of the Sephiroth Tree.

There are a lot of souls in the channel - various teachers, healers. The channel is sufficiently secure (it is safe to work).

There is information about healing in various directions: (work with meridians, chakras, plants, preparations from minerals, plants, information about mantras, spells, about working with spirits, places of power, information about biorhythms, etc.). There is a lot of information.

With the help of this energy, you can influence the body (Reiki), and you can also influence the situation.

At the second stage in the Initiation of Tibetan Medicine, there are dedicated channels:

- Motivational channel to engage in healing

- Motivational channel to help people.

It goes well with the Initiation of Asclepius. We try to check all channels for compatibility.

Cost: Initiation into Tibetan medicine - $ 150

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