Dwarven and Elven Magic

Initiation into the magic of Elves and Dwarves

"Initiation into the magic of Elves and Dwarves"

Question: What are the features of the magic of dwarves and elves?


The egregor of dwarfs and elves is a product of a highly developed civilization. Magic is closer to their skill set.

In the egregor of magic and elves and dwarfs there is information:

  • Exploration of parallel realities;
  • Dream magic;
  • Applying magic for practical purposes, solving situations;
  • Healing magic;
  • There are elements of demonology (study of beings of subtle planes and other realities);
  • Combat aspects of magic;
  • Runic magic (but the runes of that time).

Cost: Initiation into the magic of Elves - 1 step - $ 100, 2nd step - $ 300.

Question: Are there any differences in the egregor of elves and dwarves?


These are different cultures, respectively, they have their own differences, their own characteristics.

But in both egregors one can distinguish:

  • The total number of mentals in both egregors is about 3 tens of magic units;
  • About 10 healing units;
  • Dream 10 units;
  • Parallel realities, scout magic 15 units;
  • Combat magic 3 units;
  • Demonology 5 units each;
  • Elements of runic magic 3 units;
  • Development magic 3 units.

This is very approximate.  

Question: Was the civilization of the Elves and Dwarfs highly developed?


Elves and Dwarfs were ancient highly developed civilizations on Earth. But these were "technical civilizations" that had high technologies, but their development was supported from the outside (external civilizations). The gnomes, by the way, did not call themselves gnomes, but approximately "a small people who live in the mountains."

In every professional magic egregor they were doing essentially the same thing. They were fond of different accents, they could have their own tricks, but the basic professional magic technologies were similar.

There is no clear division into specializations in the Runic Egregor. There is a common egregor of Runic magic, and there is an Initiation into the Runic egregor. And the specialists in it - magicians - possessing the basic runic technologies could do what they were interested in.

The magic of the Elves has its own characteristics, but follows from the Runic egregor.
If we take Elven magic, 50% of it contains information on runes - and about 50% of local traditions based on previous civilizations (including Lemurian).
The magic of the Dwarves - 50% is on the runic tradition, and 50% on the heritage (transformed elven, Lemurian magic).

Review: Initiation into the magic of the Elves

When I ordered the Dedication, I didn't even know what to focus on.

At the moment of Initiation I felt at first a pleasant wave in my hands. 
Like a gentle, pleasant breath of energy. It was a very warm high feeling. 
Further, the heat increased, expanded along the arms and captured the heart area. 
I must say a very high feeling, like a kind of bliss in the body, languor. 
For some time the warmth remained along the arms and heart, then began to pulsate, forming a ring between the arms.

The attitude towards the world did not change - it was a feeling inside the body. And it stayed warm for a while. There was a feeling of inner joy, almost jubilation. Gradually, the warmth expanded slightly throughout the body. The energy increased slightly, and as the inner heat gradually began to illuminate the body.

I decided to check if there is attention to the world, to nature - but as it turned out not really. 
On the contrary, the consciousness went somewhere straight up. I decided to check where it is directed. 
There was a feeling that the observatory's hatch was opening and it was catching something inside. Or how the shuttle is ready to take an object inside. Moreover, the system constantly requested some kind of signal inside. It is similar to the Windows system, which says - to continue with the installation, install some kind of driver. And so interestingly, the system sent a request for this driver persistently, about every 10 seconds. And like a vacuum cleaner actively trying to load something. Gradually, after a couple of minutes, a response came, and first at the level of the head, and then at the level behind the back, some kind of clot of information came. It felt like a bundle of some strange energy, slightly alien, which hung at the level of the neck. She was kind of smoky, grayish. And hard to handle. The body froze a little, the state of bliss subsided, the amount of energy noticeably decreased.

I tried to process this clot of information, holding it against the background of the Sun for ten minutes. Gradually the information disappeared. As the information was assimilated - some kind of military technical images began to come. I decided to check what the information received is connected with - my attention went to the level of the cerebral cortex, and I like some kind of “map of locations” around me. There was a feeling in space on Earth around certain points. In mountain ranges, around the planet. And easy interest in these points. As a special operational card. There are some centers where there is something valuable. 

I decided to ask a question - where can you learn, get knowledge? And some center in the UK region was highlighted for me. 
Soon after, I felt that some information was starting to load.
This is generally a pleasant feeling of information coming from above. Murmuring, and gradually absorbed by the body. This information was easier and absorbed by the body much easier and faster than the first portion. Moreover, it is interesting that the information was turned on and received in portions, like a pump of some kind: information is loaded for ten seconds - then a pause until the information is assimilated, dissolves in the body, etc. Pretty nice. It's like a jacuzzi. The body around him gradually began to murmur and seethe from portions of information and energy. Moreover, the information was easy to assimilate and, as it seemed to me, was associated with the work of the body's energy. Then I decided to check what the information was connected with - I tuned in to it, but my attention went to the level of the forehead, the third eye. With the help of it, some kind of plane was built at the level of the forehead, which made it easier for me to keep my attention, concentration and speed of awareness of the processes around him increased. When I was distracted, the recording of information on me seemed to decrease / stop a little. But with my consciousness I can return to the desired location and send a request again. I'm starting to feel like a computer :-)

Moreover, before I did not have much of such experience in working with energy and information, but now it suddenly began to turn out faster.

Special access is required to enter some magical egregors. 

For example:

  • for Initiation into the egregor of Toltec Magic, access can be / Initiation through death /;
  • for Initiation into the egregor of Lemurian magic, you had to have incarnations in the Lemurian civilization in the past (i.e. appeared on Earth earlier than 180,000 years ago);
  • to gain access to the egregor of Magic Elves, you had to incarnate  earlier in this civilization.

Contact the manager in advance, please, to clarify whether it is possible for you to establish an Initiation into the magic of Elves.


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