Types of ancient Initiations through Death.

There are six types of initiations that cause the fusion of consciousness. 

The most famous: Initiations through fear, stress, death.

There are also Initiations with a reaction to other bright emotions: a strong transcendent grief, depressive apathy.
As well as Taoist, Buddhist practices, the state of no-mind tries to start these processes.
They all give the effect of merging the consciousnesses of individuals - but at different frequencies.

Different Initiations give different effects.

The main types of initiations.

Initiations through Death, which were used in Egypt, Africa, South America, 
could increase consciousness by 2-3 times (depending on the number of earthly incarnations). 

Before Egypt, such Initiations were used in Africa and South America.

  • In South America,  there are traces of Initiation through Death on people, 5-7 thousand years old. People knew how. And they knew how to repeat it several times. The power of Initiations was from 100-300% increase in consciousness.
  • In Africa, there are traces of Initiations,  20 thousand years ago.
    The power of African Initiations through Death was about 50-100% increase in personality, depending on the power and antiquity of the person.
  • Egyptian Initiation through death (4.5 thousand years ago)
    can increase the power of consciousness by 100-300%, depending on the number of past lives, the mentality of Earth incarnations

After the Egyptian Civilization, Initiations through Death were applied in Africa and Tibet.

  • The power of Initiations in Tibet was about 60%.
    In Tibet, in all cases faced with the problem of information processing - After conducting the Initiation, the followers in Tibet had to recover for several years.
  • Taoist practices of non-mind  could lead to an increase in personality mass by 10-15%. 
  • Initiation through Stress, when the hunters passed the tests, also gives a similar effect - an increase in the mass of the individual by 10-15%.

Most often in Egypt, when using the Initiation through Death, it was possible to achieve an increase in the personality of the adherent by 1.5-2 times.

At the time of Initiation through Death in the Center, the stock of information from past incarnations is 50-60% - the information that was accumulated over past incarnations. This work will increase the mental mass of the current personality on average from 50% to 300%. The more ancient the Person on Earth, the more incarnations she had - the more information can be collected.

Ancient personalities on Earth are those who have been on Earth for more than 200,000 years, those who have caught the Lemurian period. Most often found on Earth are individuals who appeared on Earth about 70,000 years ago, i.e. captured the period of Atlantic civilization.

For comparison, individuals who have been on Earth for more than 180 thousand years are only 15-20% of the total number on Earth. People who appeared on Planet Earth later than 70,000 years ago - only 5-10% of the total.

Technologies of additional information processing.

A very serious condition occurs in almost all adherents after passing the Initiation through Death, unless special information processing is carried out. Therefore, much attention at the Center was paid to the search for technology for additional information processing. The presence of these technologies allows laboratory specialists to carry out several cycles of repetitions of Initiation through death, eventually increasing the mental mass not by 50% - but by 100-150%

There is an observation. With an increase in personality by 50% at Initiation, the effect of an expanded personality is preserved with some effect in subsequent incarnations (25%).

Egyptian Initiations through Death were conducted using priests, the energies of the Anubis Cult, and Seth.

Atlantic Type - Preservation of Personality.

Occasionally, Initiation through Death gives a memory of past incarnations. On average, one of the 300 people who were given the Initiation through Death - the memory of past incarnations is included.

Often this effect (memory activation) is due to the fact that personalities in past incarnations had a higher mass than the mass of the current personality. In past incarnations, these personalities most likely already had the memory of past incarnations, if there was a mind of cool magicians. The Atlantic type of Initiation does not give a fusion of consciousnesses, but that in a subsequent incarnation your current personality will be manifested, dominate. Awareness remains in subsequent incarnations.

Initiation through Death is a rather rare technology. This is a Magical Initiation. 

It occurs on average in one out of 400 people. In a magical environment, it occurs more often - on average for every 50th.

At the Initiation through Death, the shells are opened and information flows into the personality of the adherent immediately. 

The effect of continuous consciousness is observed when using the technology of preservation of personality.

With the Monad Experience technology , a lengthy dubbing process starts.

Note: The Center Initiation through Death service can be launched several times. Each repetition can increase the informational mass of a person by another 15-20%.

You can diagnose if you have Initiations through Death in the Magic Card of personality .