Straw Brains (Extra Brain)

Straw brains.  Plane of thinking, level 3

“Straw Brains. Plane of thinking, level 3 "

Brains are the only thing worthwhile for a crow ... and for a man! (A. Volkov "The Wizard of the Emerald City")

Straw Brains are programs created by various civilizations to enhance thinking skills, the ability to analyze information and make decisions.

Attention. Before ordering this service, additional consultation with us is required: whether we can install it for you or not.

There are several varieties of the Brain Straw Program that we offer:

1) Straw Brains "Universal" (thinking, management, life management, personal effectiveness). Basic, 2, 3 levels;
2) Straw Brains "Business" (management, business). Designed for top managers, top managers, politicians and rulers. Basic, 2, 3 levels;
3) Straw Brains "Technical" (technicians-computers) Basic, 2, 3 levels;
4) Straw Brains "Financial" (economics, finance) Basic, 2, 3 levels;
5) Straw Brains "Mathematical" Basic, 2, 3 levels; (They are present in all leading mathematicians. They are designed for complex calculations. But they are often found in financiers and businessmen, since it is difficult to do finance and business without mathematics).

Personal efficiency is primarily influenced by Universal, Business, Financial brains. 

When we talk about a person "smart", then with a probability of 95% he has one of these systems.

For example, 

  • Albert Einstein - Brains Mathematical (1, 2 levels)
  • Russian mathematician Perelman - Brains Mathematical (1, 2 level)
  • Carlos Slim Hell - Brains Premium, Math (Level 1)
  • Warren Buffett - brains Economic, Math (1 level)
  • Bill Gates - Brains Premium, Technical, Math.
  • Mark Zuckerberg - Brains Premium, Technical, Economic
  • Angela Merkel - Brains Premium
  • Winston Churchill - Brains Premium
  • Berezovsky - Brains Economic, Mathematical.

Price: Services "Straw Brains" -

Basic level - 1000 ye.
The first level - 4000 USD
Second level -8000

REVIEW: Straw Brains Mathematical / Sergey

After installation, I noted that I understand math problems easier. An interest in mathematics arose. And what surprised me was that I was able to understand the meaning of Poinquere's hypothesis and tell it so that it was clear to my friends. I would have been stuck on this before. It became much easier to do mathematical calculations that are necessary for work. at least now they do not scare me and do not strain as before.

The larger the business, the more important each decision is.

For the correctness of every decision in business, it plays:

  1. or having your own subconscious business experience;
  2. or logical thinking (detailed calculation of each step).

A subconscious experience can be added: write down the skill you want. Logical thinking can be developed. 

For this purpose, you can install the Straw Brains Program.

The Straw Brains programs are technologies of extraterrestrial civilizations that are used for human consciousness.

Limitations: This technology ("Brain Straw" Premium) is applicable only to representatives of Wave 4. For the rest of the Waves, other technologies are used that are still in development.

Straw brains "Basic" can be installed as a representative of all Soulbirth Waves.

Installation is possible after passing the
Full Mental Restoration level and Monad Experience.

Each program is a technology of different civilizations that have been specialized in these areas.

These programs are very rare, with 1 in 10,000 people working.
These programs are part of the success of billionaires.

QUESTION: I want to put myself "Technical straw brains". Have questions:

1. How long will it take for the brain to spin to full capacity?
2. Do they consume additional energy, am I asking for energy?

ANSWER: Clutch, power is gradually increasing.
Full alignment takes about six months.
No additional energy consumption was noticed.

But there's a problem. If you install multiple Straw Brains systems, then the feeling increases that everyone around is very dumb.

Question: What technologies are there for increasing the power of consciousness?


The main technologies are the Mind Plane, Hemisphere Synchronization, and Straw Brains.
Moreover, the Straw Brains Technology does not increase the power of thinking by a certain percentage, but several times.
Thinking Plane and Hemispheric Synchronization technologies improve the system you have. These are technologies for optimizing your own consciousness.

Straw Brain technology is a technology from Star Civilizations that increases the power of brains by an average of five.

Now the Straw Brains (Premium and Tech) program has
added a system for pumping and accelerating the work of consciousness.
Energy is added that feeds
and accelerates the Thinking Plane.

The energy that feeds the plane of thinking, is it some special kind of energy? If yes, can this power supply be ordered separately?

There is a feeding system that speeds up the work of consciousness. It is designed for the Straw Brains system.

 QUESTION: Hello! I want to order straw brains, the choice fell on basic or premium.

Basic you just recently appeared, list famous people who have them. How effective is the core program relative to the Straw Brains Premium program?

ANSWER: Premium brains are an order of magnitude more powerful than the basic brains.

Almost all, 90% of socially significant people, in the process of evolution when they were in developed civilizations, installed themselves "amplifiers of consciousness" - the basic version of Straw Brains. More powerful brains were installed for TOP managers - Premium class.

Now, to install Premium brains, you first need to install Basic Straw Brains.

This allows you to see how well the programs for strengthening consciousness fit on a given type of consciousness and how much the result suits a person.

QUESTION. I was interested in the Military Straw Brains.
Could you describe the scale of the tasks to be processed between the base model, first and second level?
Perhaps an example.
The most obvious differences in the work of these programs are of interest.

ANSWER: According to military brains:
There are zero, first and second levels.

They differ in the amount of information that has to be processed, the complexity of the tasks, the scale of the tasks.

Unfortunately, there are no exact descriptions,
Basic level - independent actions in difficult conditions, decision-making, task assessment + platoon-level squad command (up to 15 people)

First level - information assessment and decision-making at company level (50 people)

The second level is the assessment of information and decision-making at the battalion, regiment level (200 people).
But this is a rather rough description. You can estimate the amount of information threads.

Military processors are aimed at military applications, information processing during hostilities.

These programs affect the level of social adaptation, the correctness of decision-making. Therefore, business leaders often have such programs.


Feedback: Service "Straw Brains" / Vladimir

They installed the Straw Brains Program for me 3 months ago, 2 weeks ago I noticed the effect that when I sit down and relax I start thinking, some schemes for business, sales, life situations begin to come to me. Brains begin to calculate different situations.

Before starting to do something, I begin to imagine some results and a sequence of actions.

In dialogue with people, I somehow build sentences more correctly, now I express my thoughts more clearly. Already three people in the last couple of months said that I stand out from the general mass of people by my behavior, thoughts, actions. Friends began to turn to me more often for advice

Review: Service "Brains Straw" / Antonina

There are always problem situations that must be solved. Before, I perceived these situations as a problem (I associated them that way) and subconsciously tried to avoid these problems, let alone solve them.

After installing the Straw Brains - premium program, I can say that after a few months what I really noticed: what I already call these problems tasks.

There is a problem-situation - I mentally give it the name "task such and such" and my brains mentally begin to find solutions to it - a movement begins in my head, some options appear.

Moreover, this process goes on by itself, in parallel. Then I already have several options for solutions and the task is only to choose some correct one of these solutions.
And then, from several options for these ready-made solutions, I choose one. I won't say that it is easy to choose, but there is already plenty to choose from !!! If before I just left it, ran away, now I am learning to accept what I myself decided.

In general, such a brain game.

I noticed that after installing the "Straw Brains" - premium system, there is no such overload when you process a lot of information. Consciousness easily operates with numerous information sources and there is no overload. As if the speed of information processing is increasing. The result is increased resistance to stress.

Brains keep the pressure from the surrounding systems well, like an operating system - they give out some kind of analysis, help to quickly choose the right decision. Actions begin to be done well consciously.

Review: Service "Brains Straw" / Egor

After installing Straw Brains, I noticed that it became easier to learn languages. The load capacity increased by one and a half to two times. Plus, acquaintances began to seek advice more often in critical situations. Thinking became easier.

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