Dedication of the Eastern Goddess

Initiation of the Eastern Goddess

Initiation of the Eastern Goddess

A rare dedication, approximately 1 in 5000 women.

Initiation contains the energies of the 6th arcana - attraction at a high frequency.

The Egregor of Initiation is quite collapsed, so it is difficult to distinguish what information is in it, but the energies of the 6th lasso are going well enough.
The peculiarity of this Initiation is the 6th lasso in high frequency - this gives a special beauty.

The channel energies of the Eastern Goddess, for example, are one range higher than Freya's 6 lasso.

Energies are very rare. The egregor itself is very ancient on Earth, rooted in an ancient religion  that existed on the territory of southern China 3-4 thousand years ago.
This is a high-frequency 6 lasso, attractiveness and attractiveness in its purest form.
In the direction of such women, this attraction of men will unfold and hold.

Among people with the Initiation of the Eastern Goddess:

1) Kim Kardashian is  the sexiest woman in America 
She has exactly the Dedication of the Eastern Goddess and the elementals of fire (Swap program level 2)

2) Eva Green ("Casino Royale" girlfriend of James Bond) - Dedication to the Eastern Goddess and Swap Level 2.
All artists, almost all active significant people have fire elementals - level 2 swap programs.

QUESTION: And what dedicated channels does the Eastern Goddess have?
ANSWER: At the second stage there is a dedicated channel: the high-frequency 6th lasso.

Cost: Initiations of the Eastern Goddess - 1 step - $ 150, 2nd step - $500

We guarantee - if you are not satisfied with the result - we will refund you 100% of the paid amount!

Review: Dedication to the Eastern Goddess 

Installed the Dedication of the Eastern Goddess.

Mom arranged a meeting with relatives. The men's half of the relatives noticed that I have changed for the better.)) All I shake hands, trying to keep the arm and something like that.)) Moreover, it is relatives with whom I had never found a common language. )) The

Eastern Goddess seems to knock down both men and women and loves mirrors very much.))) I just don't leave them now. It's even funny.

Review: Dedication to the Eastern Goddess / Tatiana (01/13/2015)

Very interesting Dedication:
To say that it radically changed my life is to say nothing :-) a couple of weeks have passed since I turned to the Center to connect the Eastern Goddess. The connection is very soft and very feminine, as a result, I see myself differently in the mirror :-), I really like to look in the mirror, although all my life before that I always considered it unnecessary coquetry. I feel very pleasant and warm under the admiring glances around me. I used to be afraid that someone was looking at me, not to mention the fact that now everyone around me is paying attention. It feels like everyone loves me, it's very unusual and very nice! Result: I changed my hairstyle, began to paint every day, changed my gait, became more feminine, I feel the admiring glances of men on myself and I feel that I am bathing in the rays of the beauty of the Eastern Goddess. I have never felt so good and comfortable before. It's really warm and cool !!! Many thanks to the Center and those who created this Miracle for me !!!

Regards, Tatiana.


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