The article talks about the influence of mandalas on karmic structures.

What is the effect of the mandala on karma.

Question: Regarding the mandalas of additional energy, I would like to know the following:  Some mandalas feed the bodies of Vishuddha. It is believed that karma is at this level, i.e. the layer itself is considered karmic (causal body). Therefore, the question is - is there no such probability (potential) that the energy coming from the mandala can have any effect on karmic structures? 


There is a theory that karma is at the level of Vishudha.

Let's figure it out. Our thoughts and actions are at level 1 of the Body of Vishuddha (the fovea at the beginning of the neck).

Question: Are actions also thoughts?

Answer: Actions are remembered also as a system of thought forms.

It is these thought forms that are evaluated by the “karmic mechanism” - the mechanism of punishment and encouragement. In terms of correctness and incorrectness.

If you add energy to the body through any chakra, this will lead to the decay of thought forms and free energy will lead to the absorption of karmic shock and alignment of subtle bodies.

Energy of any frequency will affect everything. Including karma. In terms of alignment. It speeds up the alignment of some damage. The karmic blow itself can be applied at different frequencies depending on the severity of the crimes.

Where is karma located?

Answer:  From the point of view of our thought forms, this is the frequency of Vishuddha. Karmic energy can be released through the bodies of Vishudha, Ajna, Sahasrara and from a dozen other frequencies higher. 

For example: A person wanted to torture a fish with electric current - his thought forms will be at the level 1 of the body of Vishuddha.

His thought forms are analyzed:

  • If he only wanted to, 1 drop of karmic energy would stand out; 
  • If already done - 5 drops. 

In this case, a person receives a fill of the energies of trouble at a frequency of 2 Vishudha bodies and Ajna bodies.
The same person, for example, decided to make trouble for the whole country. Thought forms - at the level 1 of the body of Vishuddha. The karmic energy was poured through the bodies of Vishudha, Ajna, Sahasrara and 8 other subtle bodies.