Lower connection (drain of negative energies)

Bottom connection adjustment

The lower subkey is a sink of low-frequency energies. It is connected with the work of Muladhara, but the work of Muladhara is only 30% of the state of the Lower subkey. Often known as the Earth Star chakra.

The lower connection removes heavy energies from the body, energies of aggression. We can say - this is the body's garbage chute. Normal operation of the lower subkey increases the state of lightness, gives a more calm, harmonious state.

On average, in humans (4 castes), the lower subkey works by 35%.

The normal state of operation of the lower connection is at least 50%.
1 cycle of cleaning the lower subkey increases its parameters by + 20/10%.

The lower subkey is responsible for the drain of heavy low-frequency energies, including emotional ones.

If her work is insufficient, the person becomes overly nervous, irritable, 'difficult to communicate'. In this case, you need to either adjust the lower connection or meditate. The recommended indicators of the dynamics of the lower connection are above 50%.

The activity of the Lower Subconnection is tested in the Energy Card of the Personality.

Question: how is the lower sub-connection connected with the dynamics of Muladhara and the channel of the mineral of power?

Answer: The Mineral of Strength does not affect the lower connection. The dynamics of Muladhara is slightly enhanced.
The dynamics of Muladhara determines 30-40 percent of the activity of the lower subclavicle.


Top and Bottom connection

QUESTION: This begs the question about the upper connection by analogy with the lower one - you don't diagnose it, right? Don't you regulate?

ANSWER: We are testing the Upper connection in the energy map.
This is the System Connection Parameter.

When testing, we distinguish 2 parameters: Sahasrara work and Connection with the System. They are close but different. The dynamics of the Sahasrara can be 70%, and the connection with the System 30%.

In the same way, the lower subkey can be 15%, while Muladhara can work at 60%.


NOTE: The value of the Lower subkey when working with complexes and mental recovery.

In our experience, negative sensations during the cleaning of the complexes are most often associated with the poor condition of the lower subkey in a person.

Any complex is a chain of similar stressful situations in different lives. When we cleanse the complex, we release the entire chain. A stream of negative emotional energies is formed. It can cause drowsiness, dullness, and increased irritability.

These energies are partially assimilated by the human consciousness, and partially merge through the lower connection, through Muladhara.

If you clear the channel of the lower connection, then usually overloads are not felt.

The same happens in the technology of mental restoration. Mental trauma collects a large amount of energy debris, which can cause this condition.

If you plan to remove a large number of complexes, then before starting work, it is advisable to do at least one cycle of cleaning the bottom subkey.

The same applies to work with the Restoration of the Mental 1, 2 stages.

Conscious meditation on the Sun and Magma in the center of the Earth can compensate for the work of the lower connection.

If you feel that when working with Mental Recovery and clearing complexes, you cannot cope with the flow of emotions that

this is formed - contact us and we will try to help in this situation!

QUESTION: What is the difference between the adjustment of the Bottom connection and the adjustment of information processing from other people?

ANSWER: These are different processes.

The lower connection is a system through which the body drains heavy low-frequency energies and energy waste from itself. This process takes place in the lower cocoon chakra and is tied to resonance with the lower worlds. It has little to do with the process of processing information from people.

Processing information from other people is tied to the work of the assemblage point and subtle bodies that process information coming from other people.

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