Chakra structure restoration

Restoration of the mentality by chakras

Chakra is a dynamic flow that pierces the energy structure from back to front - like a pipe.

During the entire evolutionary process, a lot of damage accumulates in each chakra - mental trauma, energy outflows, ruptures of subtle structures, etc. 

It is possible to study trauma on the example of the subtle body of each chakra, subtle bodies that are in resonance with this chakra and affect a person, and other related technologies.

There are seven chakras, but there are a lot of subtle bodies.
There are many body streams. They form energy channels. 

Energy drain and damage can be removed
blocking the dynamics of the chakra.

Removing damage to each chakra increases the energy of a person in its frequency.

 Question: what is the difference between technologies

- Restoration of the  mentality by the level of chakras.
- Increased chakra dynamics.

Both of these technologies are aimed at removing mental trauma at the level of each chakra to increase its effectiveness.
In the first case, injuries that destabilize the work of the chakra are removed: blows, outflows of energy, which disrupt the functioning of energy centers in general. 
After removing the damage, the mental itself in terms of the chakra level (mental mass) may become larger, but this does not always lead to an increase in the activity of the chakra. This increases the energetic integrity of a person.

The second technology is aimed primarily at removing damage that block the chakra's work on exhaust and energy delivery. Here, damage is removed that inhibit the passage of energy along the chakra level.
In this case, the task is not so much to increase the density of the chakra, but to increase its activity, dynamics, manifestation of energy into the outside world.

Question:  What is the fundamental difference between clearing the dynamics of the chakras  and restoring the  mental to the chakras?

Answer:  Cleansing the dynamics of the chakras - we work with the chakra like a pipe, a turbine, and focus on those mental damages that interfere with the operation of the turbine and remove the outflow of energy from this energy pipe. 

When we work with the mental clearing of the chakras, we optimize the chakra zone itself. 
For example, let's take svadhisthana - a person says, I have some problems in the genital area all the time, I get sick all the time. And then we work with the projection zone of this chakra (for example, the pelvic region) and try to remove the rest of the injuries. We look more at whether there is damage in the chakra projection area.
The focus of the work is shifted. This cleaning more affects the work of the body in this area. High frequency injuries that affect the work of this area are removed.

Question:  Do you have services where the mental cleansing and recording takes place on the chakra: on them the question: Muladhara and Svadhisthana - will give a healing effect on the immune system and hormonal, will it be easier to endure the general  weakening of the body?  Answer:  The immune system includes organs from different, often opposite ends of the body. And therefore, clearing the chakra here may not give the desired effect. This is where every cumulative part of the system needs to be examined. For example, if a person says that his butt is freezing all the time, you can look for the reason in the svadhisthana zone. In the case of working with the immune system (it includes the thymus gland and the pituitary gland and many other systems), you can offer to carry out the Service 'Clearing the body system'.

You can also recommend doing several general mental recovery cycles - since in this case the most massive injuries that affect all systems are removed.
And after general cleansing of the mental, it will be possible to see what problems remain in the body and pay in-depth attention to these systems.

Feedback / Restoration of the mental by chakras / Vitaly /

I noticed that General mental recovery improves the level of physical and psycho-emotional health in general, although this is not the direct purpose of the service. 
Even if we consider the complexes, they gradually lose their relevance and after a while the tension *** feels like ***, although I may be wrong, it goes away almost completely. it does not give.
I think that if you wish, you can remove it.

To increase the stability of the chakra, its mass, we can recommend the Restoration of the Chakra mentality.

Cost of work - $ 25 / chakra ($ 150 / all chakras)

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