Step 4. Health & Love Factors Test


The map determines the presence of internal positive and negative motivations that interfere or encourage us to practice healthy living.

The following tendencies are tested in the Habits Map: Healthy lifestyle, Bad habits, Health issues, Love issues etc

All of these motivations can be adjusted (increase or decrease the signal strength according to your desire).

The cost of diagnostics: 20 USD.


REVIEW: Habits Map, Energy Map / Olga:
Thank you very much for your work, it is simply priceless. I  begin to realize so many things after each new diagnostics that opens a new perception of the world, yourself and the people.

REVIEW: Habits and Studying Map / Jeanne:
Many thanks for the diagnosis! According to the Habits Map, everything is clear, I agree with everyone that such a map should be done at a very early age!!!!

REVIEW: Habits Map / Vitaliy:
The information you provided was really helpful - it confirmed my assumptions and filled in the blanks. What was especially impressive, was how accurately you described my attitude toward studying and recognized psychological complexes related to nutrition: the desire to eat (overeat) / aversion to food – it is actually those extremes that are inherent in me, like the dedication that causes insomnia and much more. A habits map is a very necessary thing to understand your complexes and relationships that you need to work on! Thanks for the work you've done!

REVIEW: Habits Map / Alexey:

Hello ! Very excited about the diagnostics, learned about myself a lot. That's right, even where egregors are 0.2 I still feels the impact. Each indication can confirm and comment. Only now I have a lot of work.

REVIEW: Habits Map / Olesya:
I received an updated map of studying and habits. I saw the new parameters. Now I know why my husband sometimes does not like my cooking, as there is dedication, which gives energy of non-tasty food :)
I’m necessarily going to clean this indication, and I think about making a dedication of Demeter.

REVIEW: Habits Map / Lydia:

Thank you! Received the girls' habits maps, everything is very accurate, thank you! We will regulate, remove what hinders and add positive advanced useful devotions! Thank you for your work!

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  • The Vessel of Luck and Karma
  • Personal energy balance
  • Main psychology complexes and stresses
  • Balance of vitamins and microelements.

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